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More engine stuff!

Some more updates on the engine!  Cleaning up the metal and doing some painting!


WP 20130305 003

WP 20130305 005

WP 20130305 009

GT6 Motor

Got the GT6 motor back from the cleaners today, and it looks great!







Most Useless Machine!

So my useless machine is almost complete!  It is fully functional, but the electronics aren't stuffed inside yet.  1 step at a time...



Still getting some glitches from the switch, I think, but I'm going to chalk that up to bad connections in the wiring/breadboard.  Once I get a board and solder everything in, I'm hoping that will go away.


Source Code!

GT6 Engine

Some updates on progress on the engine!  And some history...  I got 2 engine blocks with the car, the serial numbers identified them as from a GT6 and a GT6+.  Which is odd because the tub is from a mk3. 

The GT6+ motor seems to be hosed...  I was able to get 3 pistons out so far, but the last 3 are pretty solid.



 The gt6+ engine on the stand with all the pistons in


 We managed to get 2 of the pistons out, but pushed the other 4 down to try and loosen them.  After soaking in ATF and acetone for a week, I got 1 more out.

So I decided to put the mk1 engine up on the stand and pull it apart, as it was the last engine in the car and I knew it turned over.  A short time later all 6 pistons are out!


But the pully on the front of the crank is refusing to come off.  Go figure...

Netduino unboxing

netduino box

Enough said :-)